FL STUDIO 21.2.3 | What’s New?


FL STUDIO 21.2.3 | Has FL Studio has been pestering you with new version messages? Here's why. The 21.2.3 maintenance update just squashed more than 60 bugs. So silence those pop-ups, update and get back to creating your best music. All because we love your Lifetime Free Updates!  


(Customers please reapply your license to unlock this release)

If you haven't upgraded to FL Studio 21.2 yet why wait? You'll get 1 Month of free full-access to FL Cloud. Just open FL Studio 21.2.3 and click the Sounds Tab in the Browser to get started and jump on the ... 

  • Fully-integrated sample libraryA vast, ever-growing library of loops and one-shots, including exclusive Artist Packs, with all loops automatically synced to Project tempo.
  • AI-powered masteringMasters created in seconds, tailored with presets for all major genres and loudness-optimized for all major streaming and download platforms. 
  • Digital distribution Powered by DistroKid, an unlimited number of tracks can be released to Spotify, Apple Music, and all major digital platforms. 

Even if you don't subscribe there's always new free content each month. Also in FL Studio 21.2  ...

  • Stem SeparationAvailable for FL Studio Producer Edition and above, splits any song or track into vocals, music, bass, and drums.
  • Kepler (Producer Edition) A painstaking recreation of an iconic analog synth from the 80s, included in FL Studio Producer Edition and above.
  • Vintage PhaserAll-new engine for Vintage Phaser (included with FL Studio Signature Edition and All Plugins Edition), featuring a Feedback Inversion control.
  • Audio Clips for Fruity EditionUp to eight Audio Clips available, allowing the addition of vocals and loops, plus, for the first time, complex audio chops and edits. 
  • Colored waveform customization– More detailed visualization of an Audio Clip’s frequency content.


  • 8925 Wrapper: the song position reported to plugins is not updated while playing if the latency changes
  • 10192 Maxx plugins do not pass key press while detached
  • 11723 Shift + Left or Right arrow doesn't move clips and notes enough across time signature changes
  • 12251 No * in front of preset names when changing a control after the plugin window is hidden
  • 12364 Patcher: native generator plugins show an audio input node when they don't have any audio inputs
  • 12382 A black rectangle is visible while cloning tracks
  • 13175 Undo of deleting a layer channel's child channels doesn't add them back
  • 13803 Maxx plugins don't close the Preset window after selecting preset
  • 15359 Patcher: From and To nodes reset to their default positions after reopening the plugin window
  • 15702 Maxx plugins don't show custom presets and folders in the user data folder
  • 16008 'Cut self' in channel settings doesn't work when notes are triggered on a parent layer channel
  • 16595 Morphine: Vorbis compressed WAV, WavPack, Ogg and FLAC files aren't opened
  • 16839 Uploading rendered files to SoundCloud fails when the title is empty
  • 16842 No undo for the 'Open in (new) audio editor' and 'One-click audio recording' toolbar buttons
  • 16849 The first track of a format 1 MIDI file can't be imported
  • 16850 The MIDI import window isn't shown when holding Alt while clicking on File > Import > MIDI file
  • 16862 Can't paste audio from the clipboard in the window of an empty channel
  • 16867 FPC: freeze when importing monolithic-mode DirectWave presets
  • 16870 FPC: crash when the import of a monolithic-mode DirectWave preset is canceled
  • 16884 Pasting clipboard audio into sampler channels doesn't work when there's a project folder
  • 16892 The preview panel in the browser is still visible when no item is selected
  • 16895 Pressing Alt+F8 in the browser doesn't work when the Sounds tab is open
  • 16899 Notes copied from one channel to another are affected by the piano roll of the wrong channel
  • 16900 The color and icon of folders revert to their defaults when searching in the browser
  • 16903 Love Philter: some envelope points move more than they should when multiple points are selected
  • 16908 Audio clips for extracted stems don't have the correct length
  • 16922 + 16929 Wrapper: time signature information is incorrect for VST, VST3 and AU plugins
  • 16930 Resaving a zipped project as a new zipped project shows the 'multiple samples' warning
  • 16960 ZGE Visualizer: crash when removing items in an image list
  • 16962 Crash in the in-app shop
  • 16970 Replacing the generator for a MIDI Out instrument track adds invalid undo entries
  • 16972 Drumaxx: crash when undoing the renaming of a pad
  • 16975 Patterns inserted before another are 1 tick long when added to the playlist
  • 16976 The audio clip menu doesn't show when the slice tool is selected
  • 16979 Crash when loading a project and searching in the browser when showing columns
  • 16980 Browser search in the selected folder doesn't work properly when showing columns
  • 16983 Crash when the mastering window is opened
  • 16986 'Convert target to events in the current pattern' doesn't work for 3rd party plugin parameters
  • 16989 Replacing a MIDI Out instrument track doesn't assign a mixer track
  • 16996 When a project is saved to a drive with low free space, some data is lost
  • 17001 FLEX: packs downloaded through the FL Studio browser aren't updated
  • 17010 Sytrus: crash when the main tab is selected after locking harmonics on another tab
  • 17013 Maximus: linear mode and oversampling can change the cut frequencies
  • 17014 Maximus: slopes wont work while linear phase is enabled
  • 17016 FLEX: some presets don't load all their samples
  • 17018 No undo for changing color of audio and automation clip channels in the picker panel
  • 17019 Audio recording can create empty undo entries if no mixer track is armed
  • 17024 Project data folder in the browser doesn't work after a project is renamed
  • 17027 Automation channel: convert to event button removes all other events in the current pattern
  • 17030 Tools > Sounds does nothing when the browser is hidden
  • 17032 Crash when previewing in the browser
  • 17043 Empty window when the internet connection is lost during mastering
  • 17044 Patcherizing a MIDI Out instrument track's channel adds many invalid undo entries
  • 17047 Wrapper: crash when opening a project with a bridged plugin
  • 17060 Crash when recording two channels with identical names
  • 17064 Tempo automation will trigger errors in the Sounds panel
  • 17086 ZGE Visualizer: crash when using 'Enable Internal controllers'
  • 17093 Browser stops showing search results when dropping a sample on a playlist track header
  • 17098 Sawer: clicks when limiting polyphony
  • 17099 Sakura: overlapping notes are not always stopped
  • 17103 Crash when recording audio clips into the playlist
  • 17137 Crash when playback loops while recording audio to the playlist
  • 17138 Patcher: freeze when selecting presets for a plugin
  • 17147 Saving valid project files can sometimes fail


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