FPC (Fruity Pad Controller) is a software plugin similar to the hardware Akai MPC™ unit, coded & optimized for the FL Studio platform. FPC is a self-contained multi-layer/velocity drum machine that makes it easy to create, edit and swap drum kits on the fly. FPC supports 16 multi-layered patches for banks A and B. ( FPC video tutorials can be viewed here.)

Sounds and patterns: Two easy to use drop-down menus are the Content Library to download new sound banks (sounds), and the Pattern Manager to select MIDI loops/patterns and dump them to the Piano roll.

The FPC interface consists of three main zones - Main Pad Properties (1), Layer Properties (2) and the Pad Matrix (3), as described below. The interface can be resized by Left-clicking the left or right edge of the plugin and dragging horizontally to hide/show the layer controls.

Content Library & Pattern Manager

The Content Library allows you to access sound banks on the Image-Line servers for download. For more details on downloading samples and presets see the Content Library.

The Pattern Manager opens a tree-menu showing a list of percussion loops (MIDI data) that when selected load into the FPC channel as a Piano roll. Selecting a new pattern from the menu will replace the currently selected pattern.

1. Main Pad Properties

2. Layer Properties

3. Pads

Making & Saving FPC Kits

Plugin Credits: Frederic Vanmol (Development programming & VST), Robert Conde (Original design).