Channel Settings

The Channel Settings window opens alongside plugin instruments (VSTs, DX and native plugins like Sytrus, as shown below) when you click on a Channel button. It contains a number of global options including Mixer track routing [FX], channel pitch (tuning) and inbuilt arpeggiator functions. A few native plugins (e.g. Channel Sampler, TS404 and 3xOSC) are hosted inside the Channel Settings window.

Settings Window & Controls

The tab-buttons that display in the Channel Settings window (PLUGIN, SMP, INS, MISC, FUNC) will depend on the instrument loaded in the channel. Not all Channel settings and controls will work with all instrument types.

Links to Channel Settings functions:

Main Channel Settings

Plugin Settings (PLUGIN)

Sampler Settings (SMP)

Instrument Settings (INS)

Miscellaneous Settings (MISC)

Function Settings (FUNC)

Automation Clip Settings

Layer Settings

Plugin Wrapper

Channel Button Operations

Channel Settings Menu Commands

Click the down-arrow button at the top left corner of the Channel Settings window (as shown in the picture below).