Instrument / Generator Plugins

Channels and instruments: Each channel in FL Studio contains one instrument plugin. Instruments are usually synthesizers or sample players, used to create the melody and percussion in a song. FL Studio supports the VSTi, DXi, Buzz and FL Studio's own native plugin formats. Native instruments are the most flexible with 'per note' slides and Right-click automation linking. The Channel settings Mixer track selector (shown below) determines the Mixer track routing for the selected Instrument.

Working with Instrument Channels

NOTE: When working with VST plugins there are a number of useful options under the Wrapper Settings & Processing tabs.

Adding an instrument to a project

There are several ways to add a new instrument:

  1. Add a new instrument channel - Use the Channels Menu > Add One > dialog.
  2. Replace an existing instrument channel - Right-click on a Channel Button and select 'Replace >' from the pop-up context menu.
  3. Drag an instrument preset from the Browser - Drag the preset from the Browser to the Channel Window OR drag a preset to a Mixer track and the instrument will be routed to this track and the Mixer track auto-named after the plugin.
  4. Use the plugin picker - Open the Plugin Picker database (Ctrl + F8) and double-click an instrument OR drag to a Mixer track and the instrument will be routed to this track and the Mixer track auto-named after the plugin.

NOTE: FL Studio includes only the DEMO VERSIONS of some instruments. Demo plugins show '(Demo)' on their wrapper title. You can purchase the full versions of these instruments at

How to see more than one Instrument at a time

Summary: Close the Channel settings window associated with the first instrument before opening the second instrument.

By default FL Studio closes the currently open instrument interface when a new instrument is opened. To open multiple instrument interfaces click on the Channel button of the desired instrument to open the interface panel. Close the Channel settings window that opens along with all plugin interfaces and then open the second instrument. Keep doing this for each new instrument you wish to remain simultaneously visible. To disable the auto-close interface behavior, deselect the F10 General settings option Auto select linked modules.

Playing Instrument Channels with a Controller

If you have a keyboard or other controller this can be used to play/control Instrument Channels. FL Studio listens in 'Omni' mode so any connected controller will play the selected channel. If you have more than one controller you can use these to simultaneously play separate instrument channels. Selected instrument channels are assigned by ascending MIDI channel number (i.e. lowest MIDI channel = top selected Instrument Channel, highest MIDI channel = bottom selected Instrument Channel). For more information see the Controller type section of the MIDI Settings page.

Installing new instruments

The manual section on 'Installing VST and DX Plugins' covers the step-by-step procedure for adding new plugins to FL Studio. A wide range of plugin standards are supported by FL Studio.

3rd party effects: FL Studio installs with a generous suite of high-quality instruments so there is no need to purchase anything else in order to produce professional quality tracks. However the internet is bursting with 3rd party instrument plugins, a great place to start is

The Plugin database & Plugin picker

The Browser contains a special Plugin database folder that works in conjunction with the Plugin picker to help you organize and retrieve plugins based on a visual display.

Instrument / Generator Plugins

This section contains links to the help for all instrument plugins that are installed with FL Studio.

Instrument Plugins by Name

Audio Clip Generator


Automation Clip Generator

Channel Settings

Control Surface

3x OSC




Buzz Generator Adapter

Channel Sampler





FL Keys

FL Slayer


Fruit Kick

Fruity Dance

Fruity DrumSynth Live

Fruity DX10

Fruity Envelope Controller

Fruity Granulizer

Fruity Keyboard Controller

Fruity Slicer

Fruity SoundFont Player

Fruity Vibrator

Fruity Video Player

Fruity Wrapper

Groove Machine

Groove Machine Synth



Layer Channel











Simsynth Live


Speech Synthesizer



Toxic Biohazard

TS404 Generator


Wasp XT

Wave Traveller

See also: Effects - Learn more about Effects (reverb, chorus, etc.) in FL Studio.

Instrument Plugins by Category


Automation Clip Generator - Holds automation shapes for display in the Clip Track area of the Playlist.

Fruity Envelope Controller - Play back user-specified envelopes as a control source.

Fruity Keyboard Controller - Use MIDI performances as a control source.

Fruity Vibrator - Use force-feedback devices as control sources.

Sample Playback/Manipulation

Audio Clip Generator - Holds recorded audio.

BooBass - Bass guitar simulation.

Channel Sampler - Basic single sample playback channel.

DirectWave - Advanced sampler.

FL Keys - ROMpler.

FPC - Advanced Drum Sampler.

Fruity Granulizer - Sample based granular synthesizer.

Fruity Slicer - Slices samples for playback (particularly useful for drum loops).

Fruity SoundFont Player - SoundFont ROMpler.

Groove Machine - Sampler/Synthesizer Groove Box.

Slicex - Advanced sample slicer.

Wave Traveller - Sample warper and slicer.


3x OSC - Subtractive 3 Osc synth.

Autogun - Additive synthesis.

BassDrum - Percussion modeling.

BeepMap - Image based synthesis.

Drumpad - Percussion modeling pad.

Drumaxx - Percussion modeling instrument.

FL Slayer - Electric guitar simulation.

Fruit Kick - Kick simulation.

Fruity DrumSynth Live - Percussion Synthesis.

Fruity DX10 - Basic FM Synth.

Groove Machine - FM/RM Synthesizer, Sampler, Groove Box.

Groove Machine Synth - FM/RM Synthesizer.

Harmless - Additive synthesis.

Harmor - Additive synthesis, Image synthesis & Resynthesis

MiniSynth - Subtractive synthesis stolen from FL Studio Mobile

Morphine - Additive synthesis.

Ogun - Additive synthesis.

Plucked! - Plucked string modeling synth.

Poizone - Subtractive synthesis.

Sakura - String modeling synthesis.

Sawer - Subtractive synthesis.

SimSynth - Subtractive synth.

Speech Synthesizer - Talking synthesizer.

SynthMaker - It's anything you want it to be!

Sytrus - Advanced FM/RM/Subtractive/Hybrid synth.

Toxic Biohazard - FM synthesis.

TS404 Generator - TB303 emulator.

Wasp - Subtractive synth.

Wasp XT - Subtractive synth.


Buzz Generator Adapter - Adapter to host Buzz instruments.

Control Surface - Design your own internal controllers.

Patcher - Chain instruments & effects.

Channel Settings - Channel settings controls.

Fruity Dance - FL Chan visual effect, Kawaii!

Dashboard - Design your own internal controllers

Fruity Wrapper - Hosts VSTi/DXi plugins.

Fruity Video Player - Play videos in sync with FL Studio Projects.

Layer Channel - Stack channels to play in unison.

MIDI Out - Control MIDI hardware and/or VST plugins

ReWired - Host any compatible ReWire device in FL Studio